Re: [PATCH 2/5] am: teach StGit patch parser how to read from stdin
Paul Tan
Johannes Schindelin
Stefan Beller
Chris Packham
Junio C Hamano
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2015-06-08 19:57:58 UTC
Paul Tan <> writes:

> git-mailsplit, which splits mbox patches, will read the patch from stdin
> when the filename is "-" or there are no files listed on the
> command-line.
> To be consistent with this behavior, teach the StGit patch parser to
> read from stdin if the filename is "-" or no files are listed on the
> command-line.

Hmm, doesn't

	perl -ne 'processing for each line'

with or without a BEGIN {} block, read from the standard input (if
no filename is given) or the given file (if given), and more
importantly, doesn't it treat a lone "-" as STDIN anyway?

That is, wouldn't it make more sense to do something like:

	test $# != 0 || set -- -
        for stgit
                @@PERL@@ -ne 'BEGIN { $subject = 0 }
		' "$stgit" >"$dotest/$msgnum" || clean_abort

Same for patch 5/5.

Other than that, the entire series looked great from a cursory read.