Re: [ANNOUNCE] tig-2.2
Jonas Fonseca
Junio C Hamano
See Also
2016-08-11 17:54:39 UTC
Jonas Fonseca <> writes:

> I've just released the 35th release of Tig. It brings several search
> improvements such as highlighting and wrap around, and machinery for future
> support of typeahead search. This release also gives more choice over how the
> user configuration file is loaded either at built-time or at runtime through
> support of the XDG basedir spec. Among fixes several segfaults and invalid
> reads have been addressed and the tests are now run with Valgrind and
> AddressSanitizer by Travis on each push. There are several breaking changes so
> ensure you read the section on incompatibilities in the release notes before
> upgrading.

Nice.  Thanks for your continued effort on this little Gem.
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