Re: [ANNOUNCE] tig-2.2
Jonas Fonseca
Jeff King
See Also
2016-08-14 13:01:12 UTC
On Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 11:23:56PM -0400, Jonas Fonseca wrote:

> It's crazy to think that Tig has happily browsed Git repos for more than 10
> years! Thanks to everybody who contributed and made that possible. Looking
> forward to the next 10 years ...

Thanks for all your work on tig. I have tried quite a few git-related
tools over the past 10 years, and tig is the only one outside of git.git
that I still use.

If anybody has not tried tig's blame view, and especially "re-blame from
parent" (bound to "," by default), they are missing out. I use it all
the time for digging up the rationale of confusing code.

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