[PATCH 0/4] WIP: git-remote-media wiki namespace support
Antoine Beaupré
2017-10-29 16:08:53 UTC

For a few years now, work has been happening in a [GitHub issue] to
improve git's support for MediaWiki sites, which are implemented in
the contrib/mw-to-git/ module, mostly visible in the
git-remote-mediawiki command.

 [GitHub issue]: https://github.com/Git-Mediawiki/Git-Mediawiki/issues/10

This specific patchset adds support for namespaces in
MediaWiki. Without this, it is impossible to fetch pages outside the
"(Main)" namespace (e.g. Talk pages or "meta"). Namespaces are heavily
used on many wikis and this seems like an essential feature to have.

I have been hesitant in pushing those patches here because I know how
strict the git community is regarding patchsets and I was afraid they
would just get shot down, especially because there are no unit tests
for the new functionality. Obviously, doing unit tests against a full
MediaWiki instance isn't exactly trivial. Even though the contrib
module features a test suite and a way to install MediaWiki, I haven't
had the chance to test this yet, so unit tests are still missing. This
is the main reason why this is marked WIP.

I have tried to follow the patch submission guide, but I believe this
is my first Git patch, so please be gentle. Any review would be
greatly appreciated and I hope this can be eventually merged in. This
work is also available on GitHub:


Thanks in advance,