Re: [ANNOUNCE] tig 0.7
Steven Grimm
Jonas Fonseca
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2007-05-31 21:55:08 UTC
Steven Grimm <> wrote Thu, May 31, 2007:
> This doesn't build on OS X out of the box, FYI. It needs the following 
> tweaks (which break the build on Linux, so I'm not suggesting you apply 
> this -- looks like you might need a configure script or at least some 
> conditionals in the Makefile.) The change to tig.c cleans up a compiler 
> warning, but it does build fine without that change.

I am aware of this and your suggestion is already in the TODO file.
However, for 0.7 I ended up needing the new status view feature more
than working on fixing that.

Jonas Fonseca