Re: [PATCH] Add autoconf-based build infrastructure for tig
Steven Grimm
Jonas Fonseca
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2007-06-09 09:31:01 UTC
Hi Steven,

Steven Grimm <> wrote Sun, Jun 03, 2007:
> ---
> 	This is a first cut at building tig using autoconf. I'm including
> 	a script to run the various autoconf tools rather than packaging
> 	up a finished configure script. With this patch, tig configures
> 	and builds on both Linux (FC4) and OS X. I left a lot of the code
> 	from the original Makefile intact so as to (hopefully) not mess
> 	up building release tarballs, etc.

First of all, thank you for starting this work!

I've only played little with this patch, but overall I like most of the
changes. I would, however, want to look into making the dependency on
autoconf optional (like it is for git) and avoid using automake at all.
It would make the bootstrap script obsolete, since the
Makefile can just take care of it, and it would keep the build system

So the idea is for configure to also generate a Makefile.config that can
be sourced by the Makefile. Then of course inclusion of the config.h
file should depend on some -DHAVE_CONFIG_H flag for the compiler.

What do you think? You are of course welcome to come up with a patch for
this proposal, but else I would like to get your permission/sign-off to
include the script and the tig.c changes you made.

Jonas Fonseca