Re: [ANNOUNCE] tig 0.8
Jonas Fonseca
Randal L. Schwartz
See Also
2007-06-19 11:23:05 UTC
>>>>> "Jonas" == Jonas Fonseca <> writes:

Jonas> A new version of tig has been released. It mainly contains bugfixes,
Jonas> most importantly for regressions in the pager mode.

I know you know what tig is.  I know *I* could figure out what
tig is by going through the mailing list, or by pulling down the
entire distro from the following:

Jonas> Get the tarball at
Jonas> or pull it from git://

But an affect announcement of "tig" (even an update release) should probably
include at least one sentence of what it is, so I can decide whether to be
interested or ignore it.  My default is ignore it.

Since you have boilerplace for this, you can fix this once, and not worry
about it after that. :)

I'm saying this publicly so that other announcements might also be improved,
not that I've previously noticed any other confusion.

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