Re: a git svn bug
Eric Wong
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2018-12-29 04:16:15 UTC
肖建晶 <> wrote:
> hi,
>    git developers. I found a bug when i want to convert webkit to git
>    there are some branch named safari... in webkit svn repo.
>    when i want to convert them to branch in git. a problem happen.
>    if you want to reproduce the problem, just follow the guide below.
>    1. git svn clone -s

Do you mean ?

>    2. when it runs to about r13800, stop it and rerun the above command

So running "clone" again?  Normally, I'd run "git svn fetch" if
I stopped and want to resume (or my Internet connection drops,
which happens a lot).

>    3. the git client will check the refs it already found, and
>    if it met a ~ in the branch name. it will failed to
>    proceed. error is git thinks it an invalid ref name
>    i digged into it, and found a solution in
>    git/perl/git/ I mod this file and bypass the
>    problem.

Can you show us what you did to perl/Git/

the "refname" sub in perl/Git/ already escapes "~",
it seems.

>    plean be kind to fix the problem and remind me the fix
>    commit, and i will update to a new version.

We'll try, but I think we need more information.  Thanks.