[PATCH 0/7] Fix more AsciiDoc/tor differences
Jeff King
Martin Ågren
2019-09-07 14:12:46 UTC
This series roughly halves the line count of `./doc-diff --from-asciidoc
--to-asciidoctor --cut-header-footer HEAD HEAD`. Together with my recent
(independent) mini-series [1], I claim that Asciidoctor 1.5.5 now
processes the manpages better than AsciiDoc 8.6.10 does.

Patch 6/7 actually changes the rendering with both engines, so that they
look nice and the same. The other patches are all no-ops with one engine
while fixing things with the other -- they all improve the situation
with Asciidoctor (which is what I care most about) except patch 1/7
which goes the other way (it reduces the doc-diff, which helps).

Patch 7/7 has an element of black magic to it. I wouldn't be too
surprised if I've managed to appease my particular versions of these
tools while not fixing -- or maybe even breaking? -- some other versions
[that people actually use]. That's where I think a quick test would be
the most valuable.

I've based this on maint on the assumption that these are bugfixes. (I
know I've been bad on basing similar work off of maint.) This causes a
conflict with master and pu in config.txt, which has learned about
"includeIf onbranch:foo-branch" in the meantime. Maybe I've made the
wrong call here -- Junio, if you'd rather have me submit this on master,
just let me know.

[1] https://public-inbox.org/git/cover.1567534373.git.martin.agren@gmail.com/

Martin Ågren (7):
  Documentation: wrap blocks with "--"
  git-merge-base.txt: render indentations correctly under Asciidoctor
  Documentation: wrap config listings in "----"
  git-ls-remote.txt: wrap shell listing in "----"
  git-receive-pack.txt: wrap shell [script] listing in "----"
  git-merge-index.txt: wrap shell listing in "----"
  gitweb.conf.txt: switch pluses to backticks to help Asciidoctor

 Documentation/config.txt           | 84 ++++++++++++-------------
 Documentation/git-commit.txt       |  8 ++-
 Documentation/git-config.txt       | 56 +++++++++--------
 Documentation/git-ls-remote.txt    | 32 +++++-----
 Documentation/git-merge-base.txt   | 98 +++++++++++++++++-------------
 Documentation/git-merge-index.txt  | 26 ++++----
 Documentation/git-receive-pack.txt | 52 ++++++++--------
 Documentation/git-send-email.txt   | 12 ++--
 Documentation/git-status.txt       | 18 +++---
 Documentation/gitmodules.txt       | 15 ++---
 Documentation/gitweb.conf.txt      |  6 +-
 11 files changed, 223 insertions(+), 184 deletions(-)