Re: [GIT BUG] show-ref doesn't work with Symbolic Refs other than HEAD
Casey Meijer
Junio C Hamano
See Also
2019-12-20 20:21:55 UTC
Casey Meijer <> writes:

> `git version 2.21.0`
> Example
> ------------
> `git symbolic-ref DEV refs/heads/dev`
> `git symbolic-ref DEV`
> `>> refs/heads/dev
> `git show-ref DEV`
> `>> [NO OUTPUT]`
> Expected output
> ---------------------
> `FULL_COMMIT_HASH refs/heads/dev`

What made you expect such an output?  That may be caused by a
documentation bug or two, which may well be worth fixing.

The show-ref command never resolves a symbolic ref to its pointee,
and it only shows things under refs/ hierarchy.

And DEV is not special.

	git show-ref HEAD

would not show HEAD (i.e. the commit that is at the tip of the
current branch), and it would show refs/remotes/origin/HEAD in a
repository cloned from elsewhere but it does not say what other ref
is pointed at (in other words, what the remote repository considered
the primarily interesting branch).