Fwd: Possible git bug in commit-graph: "invalid commit position"
Gary Oberbrunner
2020-01-20 17:32:53 UTC
I'm running git 2.24.1 on Linux/WSL, and sometimes git fails with this error:
% git diff --cached
fatal: invalid commit position. commit-graph is likely corrupt
Usually that error goes away after I do a few more git operations, but
I haven't been able to discern a pattern yet. It's not always with
"diff", can be any git command as far as I can tell.
Perhaps it started after I enabled the commit-graph stuff:
        editor = emacsclient -c -a \"\"
        preloadindex = true
        fscache = true
        autocrlf = false
        commitGraph = true
        writeCommitGraph = true
In fact, when I turn off `commitGraph`, the error goes away. But as I
say, sometimes it goes away of its own accord.

Googling turns up almost nothing on this error. I have no idea if I've
done something wrong to corrupt the commit graph, or if it's a git
bug. If there's anything I can do to help debug it, I'd be happy to --
just let me know.