[ANNOUNCE] GitVine v3.2 is now released.
Insane Sharpness
2020-02-15 20:04:04 UTC
Hi All,

GitVine is Git client with a simpler visualisation of Git Commits +
now also supports common git write/modification operations.

What's New (since last announced v1.0):
(Thanks to all who tried it & gave me valuable feedback.)

- Added Open Folder/Repository (Previously was File only)
- Added Stage, Unstage, Discard, Commit, Push etc.
- Added Integrated Terminal via Tools Menu. Recommended Terminal App
is Hyper. (Only)
- Commit Nodes/Staged/Modified also show list of files changed. (tooltip)
- Added Pending Pull Indicator.
- Added Mechanism to Locate From/To Commit - from an Arrow's Context Menu.
- Improved performance/caching of additional search items"Contained
in"/File List/Messages functionality. (Background thread)
- Commit Nodes are now moveable by user.
- Added "Remotes", Branch Info on Status Bar Panel - Info in its tooltip.
- Added Support for Gravatar User Icons.
- Added Options Dialog for Configuration (Tools Menu)
- Added File Editing. (Tools Menu)
- Added Git Blame/Annotate. (Tools Menu)

- Workaround fix for Very Slow Performance on git/git-gui repos.
- Workaround fix for Head (arrow) not pointing to actual HEAD.
- Fix for missing Signed-off-by" trailers are missing the email addresses.
- Arrows getting corrupted/incorrect after dragging.
- Temporary workaround for crash with "cherry -v" on some bare repos.

Project Page & downloads for Windows/Linux/MacOS here:


Thanks & Regards to all,
Prashant Sharma