Re: [PATCH] gitweb: fix UTF-8 encoding when using CGI::Fast
Junio C Hamano
Julien Moutinho
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2020-03-29 19:14:00 UTC
Le dim. 29 mars 2020 09h06 -0700, Junio C Hamano a écrit :
> Julien Moutinho <> writes:
> >  	require CGI::Fast;
> >  	our $CGI = 'CGI::Fast';
> > +	# FCGI is not Unicode aware hence the UTF-8 encoding must be done manually.
> > +	# However no encoding must be done within git_blob_plain() and git_snapshot()
> > +	# which must still output in raw binary mode.
> I guess this comment would be sufficient to help future developers
> when they find that newer version of CGI::Fast has become Unicode
> aware later can make this part conditional to the version of the
> module, perhaps?
Sure, though as long as CGI::Fast will be relying on FCGI,
I would not bet on any improvement on this bug
which has been waiting to be fixed on FCGI's bugtracker since 2013:

> Would "use CGI::Fast (-utf8)" instead of the whole thing help, by
> the way?
Unfortunately not, the -utf8 option (aka. $CGI::$PARAM_UTF8)
controls the decoding of the input parameters,
not the encoding of the output.

> > our $FCGI_Stream_PRINT_raw = \&FCGI::Stream::PRINT;
> [...]
> > +	local *FCGI::Stream::PRINT = $FCGI_Stream_PRINT_raw;
I had forgotten to test the patch without FastCGI,
but AFAICS it is innocuous in non-FastCGI mode:
Perl does not chokes on \&FCGI::Stream::PRINT despite it being not reachable,
and the local binding emits no redefine warning since it's not a redefine
in this case, but a define.