Re: [PATCH] gitweb: Recognize *-to and Closes/Fixes trailers
Emma Brooks
Jakub Narębski
Namhyung Kim
Junio C Hamano
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2020-04-25 05:17:58 UTC
Emma Brooks <> writes:

> Commit trailers like "Thanks-to:", "Fixes:", and "Closes:" are fairly
> common, but gitweb didn't highlight them like other trailers.

Did you also sneak "cc" in without documenting/justifying?

When the re becomes this complex, it may not be a bad idea to switch
to "/ ignore most whitespaces /x" style for readability.

> -		if ($line =~ m/^\s*([A-Z][-A-Za-z]*-[Bb]y|C[Cc]): /) {
> +		if ($line =~ m/^\s*([A-Z][-A-Za-z]*-([Bb]y|[Tt]o)|C[Cc]|(Clos|Fix)es): /) {

		if ($line =~ m/^\s*([A-Z][-A-Za-z]*-([Bb]y|[Tt]o) |
				    C[Cc] | Closes | Fixes ):\s /x) { 

Well, I am sloppy and did not make it all that easier to read.

More experienced Perl folks certainly would be able to teach us a
much better convention to format things like this more readble.