Re: tig: bug when binding to 'generic'?
Wolfram Sang
Kevin Daudt
Wolfram Sang
Thomas Koutcher
Jonas Fonseca
Taylor Blau
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2020-05-04 22:05:17 UTC
On Sat, May 02, 2020 at 09:31:02PM +0200, Wolfram Sang wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> > Tig is a third-party interface, not maintained by git. You can report
> > issues for tig on [github][0]
> I know it is third-party. Seems the README in tig needs fixing, too:
> ===
> Bugs and feature requests can be reported using the issue tracker or by
> mail to either the Git mailing list or directly to the maintainer.
> ==
> I prefer the mail option, so I wrote here and CCed the maintainers.

Thanks for clarifying. I was a little confused when I read your patch
series, since on first blush I thought that you were submitting it to be
applied in Git's integration branches, and not Tig's.

In either case, the heads-up is appreciated, but I do not think
necessary in general. I am not sure about the feelings of others, but I
do not think Tig-specific bugs need to be reported on Git's mailing

Of course, if there are Git bugs that affect Tig (or any other project),
we would be interested in hearing about them.

That's all to say that I think the README there should be updated.

> Kind regards,
>    Wolfram