Re: tig: bug when binding to 'generic'?
Taylor Blau
Wolfram Sang
Kevin Daudt
Wolfram Sang
Thomas Koutcher
Jonas Fonseca
Junio C Hamano
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2020-05-04 23:01:40 UTC
Taylor Blau <> writes:

> Thanks for clarifying. I was a little confused when I read your patch
> series, since on first blush I thought that you were submitting it to be
> applied in Git's integration branches, and not Tig's.
> In either case, the heads-up is appreciated, but I do not think
> necessary in general. I am not sure about the feelings of others, but I
> do not think Tig-specific bugs need to be reported on Git's mailing
> list.
> Of course, if there are Git bugs that affect Tig (or any other project),
> we would be interested in hearing about them.
> That's all to say that I think the README there should be updated.

FWIW, I do not mind seeing tig related improvements discussed here
(I am assuming tig does not have its own development list).  That is
how we've been operating with other "projects around Git", like
"imerge" and "tbdiff" (no need to look for the latter these days,

Unless Jonas and others who are involved find the list traffic here
is too heavy and messages about tig will be drowned in here, I do
not see a reason to kick them out.