[ANNOUNCE] GSoC 2020 Students and Projects
Junio C Hamano
Jeff King
Johannes Schindelin
Kaartic Sivaraam
Heba Waly
Jakub Narebski
Derrick Stolee
Hariom verma
Shourya Shukla
Abhishek Kumar
Stephanie Taylor
Christian Couder
2020-05-10 03:55:36 UTC
Hi everyone,

As you might already know, the following proposals and students have
been officially accepted to be part of Google Summer of Code 2020:

- "Implement Generation Number v2"
from Abhishek
Kumar will be co-mentored by Jakub Narebski and Derrick Stolee.

- "Unify ref-filter formats with other --pretty formats"
from Hariom Verma will be co-mentored by Heba Waly and Christian

- "Convert submodule to builtin"
from Shourya Shukla will be co-mentored by Kaartic Sivaraam and
Christian Couder.

Congratulations to Shourya, Hariom and Abhishek for their work and
dedication so far!

We had many more proposals and students working on micro-projects this
year compared to previous years.

Thanks to everyone who worked on micro-projects and on proposals with
the goal of being selected! Unfortunately it was not possible to
accept more than 3 students and proposals this year.

Thanks to the mentors who accepted to dedicate time and effort to
allow the above proposals and students to be selected!

Thanks also to everyone who helped review the micro-projects and the
proposals, and guide the students!

Thanks Google for organizing and sponsoring this event!

Looking forward to another great Google Summer of Code!