Re: Bug: git worktree remove and overwritten directory
Eric Sunshine
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Jonathan Müller
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2020-05-20 14:28:10 UTC
On 20.05.20 16:22, Eric Sunshine wrote:
> Git tries hard to prevent the same directory from being registered to
> multiple worktrees, however, there is not much it can do to prevent a
> person from shooting himself in the foot by making changes like this
> outside of Git's control. Thus, this seems like a case of "if it
> hurts, don't do it".

I agree and didn't expect git to "work".

> However, "git worktree" could possibly do a better job of helping you
> recover from such a situation. In particular, I think it should be
> reasonably easy to enhance "git worktree prune" to detect this
> situation and automatically prune the non-main now-bogus worktree
> entry.

At the very least, the somewhat confusing error message could be 
replaced by a "you messed up the worktrees, please delete the 
corresponding entry in .git/worktree" or something like that. But 
enhancing `git worktree prune` would be better. It was, in fact, the 
first command I ran to try and fix the problem.

> It may be possible to special-case "git worktree remove" to detect
> this situation and automatically prune the bogus entry too, but I'm
> quite hesitant to suggest that sort of special case both because the
> implementation would likely be ugly, and it could lead to a plethora
> of additional ugly special-cases as people discover even more ways to
> shoot themselves in the feet.

As said above, I think git worktree remove could issue a better error if 
it detects multiple worktrees with an identical path.