[ANNOUNCE] Git for Windows 2.27.0
Johannes Schindelin
Johannes Schindelin
2020-06-01 19:17:02 UTC
Dear Git users,

I hereby announce that Git for Windows 2.27.0 is available from:


Changes since Git for Windows v2.26.2 (April 20th 2020)

Due to a bug when handling symbolic links that was fixed in this
version, git status will show symbolic links as modified even as git
diff won't report any changes. The quickest work-around is to call git
add -u which lets Git realize that nothing changed, actually.

This release comes with a Git Bash that optionally uses Windows-native
pseudo consoles. Meaning: finally, Git Bash can accommodate console
programs like node.exe, Python or PHP, without using the winpty helper
(see Known Issues above). Note that this is still a very new feature
and is therefore known to have some corner-case bugs.

New Features

  * Comes with Git v2.27.0.
  * Comes with OpenSSL v1.1.1g.
  * Comes with cURL v7.70.0.
  * Comes with subversion v1.13.0.
  * Comes with MSYS2 runtime (Git for Windows flavor) based on Cygwin
  * The release notes have been made a bit more readable and are now
    linked from the Start Menu group.
  * The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are now linked in a Start Menu
  * Comes with Git LFS v2.11.0.
  * Comes with OpenSSH v8.3p1.

Bug Fixes

  * Some Perl packages (e.g. Net::SSLeay) that had been broken recently
    have been fixed.
  * Git for Windows and WSL Git now have the same idea of symbolic
    links' length, i.e. git status will no longer mark them as modified
    in Git for Windows after checking them out in WSL.

Git-2.27.0-64-bit.exe | 5974db8c52b32f5e575ee021e8b47948892ce0e760095eef98c31e3bbd5167b6
Git-2.27.0-32-bit.exe | 876ec8b8fc283ddbacab424379eeb7263e4515c497a208419c4e893da87499f8
PortableGit-2.27.0-64-bit.7z.exe | 0fd2218ba73e07e5a664d06e0ce514edcd241a2de0ba29ceca123e7d36aa8f58
PortableGit-2.27.0-32-bit.7z.exe | 8cbe1e3b57eb9d02e92cff12089454f2cf090c02958080d62e199ef8764542d3
MinGit-2.27.0-64-bit.zip | bdb8c1560eca39f4d99b07705006c00d94a3f8612501046a0f89353afc5307fa
MinGit-2.27.0-32-bit.zip | 0f06bae4a5f2f5d910c1ff92d34509fb12b28d5cf1d8a144b11a9bc5412b598e
MinGit-2.27.0-busybox-64-bit.zip | be59e1226c472dd6ad5ea4afaeced2d8543cd2ab363789dd1d0d17164055af19
MinGit-2.27.0-busybox-32-bit.zip | 80ff0b523eca334ba936863be5ff9e804213e399a61e911f7dfadd3d47dfcad6
Git-2.27.0-64-bit.tar.bz2 | a653c41999e4c80eebde8de046dd92a5a9e38a77f60466120daab2f31d3d0935
Git-2.27.0-32-bit.tar.bz2 | 96bcfb93c7fbb34bbd4c5c9ba14a2a6ae8f58b299688278e38db1dacad180df2