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Elijah Newren
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2020-06-23 16:16:02 UTC

On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 10:08 AM Elijah Newren <newren@gmail.com> wrote:
> The latest release of git-filter-repo, v2.27.0, is also now available.
> It is comprised of 26 non-merge commits since v2.26.0, including two
> changes from new contributors.

I missed sending out this email earlier, but v2.27.1 of
git-filter-repo was released a week and a half ago.  v2.27.0
accidentally broke the most prominent example in the README.md file;
v2.27.1 fixes that bug /and/ makes sure that example is actually in
the testsuite to prevent a repeat.

The public repo of filter-repo is at


The tarballs can be found at:


git-filter-repo can also be installed via a variety of package managers
across Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (and maybe others)[1].

[1] https://github.com/newren/git-filter-repo/blob/master/INSTALL.md


git-filter-repo 2.27.1 Release Notes

(Note: Additional information is available for many release notes at

* Fixes:
  * fix "extract subdirectory for merging into a monorepo" example (#110)
  * add tests to make sure we don't break that example again
  * avoid applying --replace-text to binary files

* Documentation:
  * simplify manual installation using git's --man-path and --html-path (#107)
  * make discovery of code formatting and linting examples easier (#99)
  * many wording clarifications

* contrib scripts:
  * avoid applying --replace-text to binary files in bfg-ish
  * new simple barebones example
  * default replacement text is now a variable to allow overriding

Changes since v2.27.0 are as follows:

Elijah Newren (13):
      converting-from-bfg-repo-cleaner.md: add a small clarification
      converting-from-filter-branch.md: add a small clarification
      filter-repo: avoid applying --replace-text to binary files
      filter-repo: make default replacement text a variable
      contrib: new simple no-op-example
      contrib, docs: make discovery of code formatting and linting easier
      Contributing.md: add a small clarification about line coverage
      contrib: avoid applying --replace-text to binary files in bfg-ish
      git-filter-repo.txt: briefly explain steps for pushing to original url
      Revert "filter-repo: fix ugly bug with mixing path filtering and renaming"
      filter-repo: clarify interactions between path filtering and path renaming
      git-filter-repo.txt: discourage use of random clone flags
      INSTALL.md: simplify manual installation instructions