Re: [PATCH v3] gitweb: Replace tag with full URLs (when using PATH_INFO)
Tobias Girstmair
Junio C Hamano
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2020-07-12 21:00:01 UTC
Tobias Girstmair <> writes:

> using a base tag has the side-effect of not just changing the few URLs
> of gitweb's static resources, but all other relative links (e.g. those
> in a README.html), too.

Sorry, but I am not sure the description is understandable to the
intended readers of this sentence.

Where does this README.html come from?  

Is it stored in the history of the repository as a blob, and sent to
the browser with a call to git_blob_plain() sub?  Wouldn't that
codepath send the untrusted end-user data as an attachment, in which
case relative links in the blob do not get resolved relative to the
base URL anyway, no?