Re: [PATCH v2] gitweb: map names/emails with mailmap
Emma Brooks
Jeff King
Jakub Narębski
Joe Perches
Eric Wong
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2020-08-11 06:17:29 UTC
Emma Brooks <> wrote:
> On 2020-08-10 06:02:49-0400, Jeff King wrote:
> > There was a little discussion in response to v1 on whether we could
> > reuse the existing C mailmap code:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Did you have any thoughts on that?
> I think it's probably not worth the effort to make the necessary changes
> to "rev-list --header" Junio mentioned, just for gitweb.
> I agree it's a bit worrisome to have a second parser that could
> potentially behave slightly differently than the main implementation.

+Cc Joe Perches

Fwiw, there's already a GPL-2.0 Perl .mailmap parser in
scripts/ of the Linux kernel which Joe

Been thinking about adding mailmap support to public-inbox in
the send-email reply instructions, too.  (but public-inbox is
AGPL-3+, so I can't steal the code w/o permission)

> What if we added tests for gitweb's mailmap parsing based on the same
> cases used for Git itself?

That's probably fine IMHO; especially if it's just for gitweb display
(and not writing anything that's meant to be stored forever).

There's already dozens of different parsers for email addresses,
MIME, mailbox formats, etc. all with slightly different edge cases;
things still mostly work well enough to not be a huge problem.
(Same goes for Markdown, HTML, formats and even JSON :x)