Re: [Request] gitweb: tag feeds
Kevin Locke
Giuseppe Bilotta
Junio C Hamano
See Also
2020-10-16 16:43:06 UTC
Kevin Locke <> writes:

> I've found the support for Atom and RSS commit feeds in gitweb to be
> very useful.  I'd like to extend the support to include tag feeds as a
> simple means of announcing/tracking releases.  Might such a feature be
> acceptable in some form?
> Giuseppe Bilotta raised this idea and provided an implementation in
> 2012[1] and 2017[2] which did not receive any responses on-list that I
> could find.  Would these be a suitable starting point?

I suspect that these patches would have been OK back then.

The thing is, it appears nobody actively maintains gitweb anymore,
which cuts both ways.

 - We may not have made fundamental changes to the program in the
   last 3 years, so patches from 2017 may still be relevant.

 - Even if 2017 patch were to be resurrected, nobody would be able
   to review and vouch for the result.

So, if you still use gitweb and want to take over its maintenance,
or if we can revive interest in those who want to maintain it,