Re: [Request] gitweb: tag feeds
Junio C Hamano
Giuseppe Bilotta
Kevin Locke
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2020-10-17 13:46:55 UTC
On Fri, 2020-10-16 at 09:43 -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Kevin Locke <> writes:
>> I've found the support for Atom and RSS commit feeds in gitweb to be
>> very useful.  I'd like to extend the support to include tag feeds as a
>> simple means of announcing/tracking releases.  Might such a feature be
>> acceptable in some form?
>> Giuseppe Bilotta raised this idea and provided an implementation in
>> 2012[1] and 2017[2] which did not receive any responses on-list that I
>> could find.  Would these be a suitable starting point?
> I suspect that these patches would have been OK back then.
> The thing is, it appears nobody actively maintains gitweb anymore,
> which cuts both ways.
>  - We may not have made fundamental changes to the program in the
>    last 3 years, so patches from 2017 may still be relevant.
>  - Even if 2017 patch were to be resurrected, nobody would be able
>    to review and vouch for the result.
> So, if you still use gitweb and want to take over its maintenance,
> or if we can revive interest in those who want to maintain it,
> perhaps.

Understandable.  Thanks for explaining the situation!  That's good to

For my current needs, switching to another web interface, like cgit,
seems preferable.