[PATCH 0/9] Handle pull option precedence
Alex Henrie
Son Luong Ngoc
Matthias Baumgarten
Eric Sunshine
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
Elijah Newren
Elijah Newren via GitGitGadget
2021-07-17 15:41:38 UTC
Based on a recent list of rules for flag/option precedence for git-pull[1]
from Junio (particularly focusing on rebase vs. merge vs. fast-forward),
here's an attempt to implement and document it. Given multiple recent
surprises from users about some of these behaviors[2][3] and a coworker just
yesterday expressing some puzzlement with git-pull and rebase vs. merge, it
seems like a good time to address some of these issues.

Since the handling of conflicting options was holding up two of Alex's
patches[4][5], and his patches fix some of the tests, I also include those
two patches in my series, with a few small changes to the first (so I've
kept him as author) and more substantial changes to the second (so I've
given him an Initial-patch-by attribution).

Quick overview:

 * Patches 1-2: new testcases (see the commit messages for the rules)
 * Patch 3: Alex's recent patch (abort if --ff-only but can't do so)
 * Patches 4-6: fix the precedence parts Alex didn't cover
 * Patch 7: Alex's other patch, abort if rebase vs. merge not specified
 * Patch 8: Compatibility of git-pull with merge-options.txt (think
 * Patch 9: Fix multiple heads handling too

[1] https://lore.kernel.org/git/xmqqwnpqot4m.fsf@gitster.g/ [2]

Alex Henrie (1):
  pull: abort if --ff-only is given and fast-forwarding is impossible

Elijah Newren (8):
  t7601: add relative precedence tests for merge and rebase
  t7601: add tests of interactions with multiple merge heads and config
  pull: since --ff-only overrides, handle it first
  pull: ensure --rebase overrides ability to ff
  pull: make --rebase and --no-rebase override pull.ff=only
  pull: abort by default when fast-forwarding is not possible
  pull: update docs & code for option compatibility with rebasing
  pull: fix handling of multiple heads

 Documentation/git-pull.txt      |  22 ++--
 Documentation/merge-options.txt |  25 ++++
 advice.c                        |   5 +
 advice.h                        |   1 +
 builtin/merge.c                 |   2 +-
 builtin/pull.c                  |  55 ++++++---
 t/t4013-diff-various.sh         |   2 +-
 t/t5520-pull.sh                 |  26 ++--
 t/t5521-pull-options.sh         |   4 +-
 t/t5524-pull-msg.sh             |   4 +-
 t/t5553-set-upstream.sh         |  14 +--
 t/t5604-clone-reference.sh      |   4 +-
 t/t6402-merge-rename.sh         |  18 +--
 t/t6409-merge-subtree.sh        |   6 +-
 t/t6417-merge-ours-theirs.sh    |  10 +-
 t/t7601-merge-pull-config.sh    | 212 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---
 t/t7603-merge-reduce-heads.sh   |   2 +-
 17 files changed, 321 insertions(+), 91 deletions(-)

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