Re: [Potential Bug] Test t0301.34 hangs - Git v2.43.0-rc2
'Junio C Hamano'
Todd Zullinger
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2023-11-14 21:10:24 UTC wrote:
> When running the full suite, I found that t0301.34 hangs
> on NonStop x86 (Big Endian). No details at this point -
> will rerun this, but this is a regression from rc1.

FWIW, this test ran fine on Fedora's s390x architecture.
That's little solace, I know, but may help rule out some
potential causes. ..........................
    ok 34 - helper (cache) can forget user
    # passed all 44 test(s)

The build log is available here (for a few weeks or so -- it
was only a test build):